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Are you looking for a Trainer ? I know one who is simply the best – He is Param.

Arun Kumar Meenakshi Sundaram Cloud Native Architecture Consultant, Ford Motors, Chennai

Finally I bit the bullet after 8 months of thinking over – since the training in Dec last year. Registered in July and took the exam yesterday. Least to say it was stressful – but a lot of your tips, notes and sample papers really helped me.
Wanted to extend a big thanks to you and share the good news that I’ve successfully cleared the TOGAF9 exam.
Thanks for all the good work you’re doing and the commitment with which you do your trainings.
Hats off to you.
But it surely gives me a wonder learning on Enterprise governance. A valuable learning that will be useful throughout my career.

Senthil Kumar Sundaresan General Manager, Ford Motors, Chennai

Thanks Param for a wonderful session, It was very Informative and I coming from Pure techno functional (Mainframe) background was in impression about TOGAF as technical training, but it took me to a different Dimension in understanding the enterprise in different angles.
You are very approachable to many of the discussions and make us understand it clearly and
the example which you provide during session were very useful.

Nagesh BN Lead Software Architect, Danske IT, Bangalore

For ArchiMate® Training :
Hi Param, thanks for your excellent coaching, guidance and mentoring.
Just wanted to share with you all that yesterday I took both exams and have scored :
– 97 % in Foundation
– 95 % in Practitioner.
Thanks for a very engaging training on Archimate. The key aspect of of this sessions was your
doggedness in relating the Modeling methodology to TOGAF Architecture framework. And this
made the sessions very practical rather than academic.

Ninad G Dhanorkar Senior Architect, Shell, Bangalore

Hi Param,
…I would like to thank you for the wonderful sessions that you had conducted.
I very much liked your training methodology that helped me to keep focus on the TOGAF
concepts without any distraction for four days. … this training from you is really 100% worthy investment for
my entire career ahead as an architect.

Dinesh Kumar Pillaiperumal Assistant consultant, TCS, Chennai